Furesøen, Holte
The jungle race is one of the most demanding races from the Evolution Race season. One of the disciplines is involving a cold swim of 180 meters. There shall be swimming vests for every competitor. We shall see just on how much of a Predator you are! We are happy to announce that this will be the 10th anniversary of this race. In the race you shall be running 12 rounds of a 1km course in the beautiful surrounding of Furresøen in the town of Holte. After each round you shall be needing to tackle a discipline.
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Evolution race course is a mix of the typical military obstacle course - a 12 km mixed cross country terrain with a strongman competition. A high standard of strength, stamina, coordination, technic and courage.
The human body will be challenge in every imaginable way, remember the strength of a person is within their mind.
 The main differences between the Polar and Jungle is that with the cold swim and the balance booms.
If a discipline isn’t completed there will be a time punishment placed on your time of 15mins extra, however you will still be in the competition of winning.

Race rules 
Competitors will be started with a 1 min interval - (Single start).
All disciplines shall be completed sequentially from 1-12.
To avoid queues there will be 2-5 exercises built into each discipline. If for some reason several competitors meet at the same discipline the rule is simple: move over and give way for the other competitors.
At each discipline there shall be an official to check on the competitor.

The competitor shall be aware, its your own responsibility and at under no circumstances are the race arranger liable to be covered for insurance, for example the competitor isn’t insured at the 5 meter rope climb. If you are unsure that you can’t complete the stage because of safety reasons then it will be ok to skip that stage of the race.
At no stage of the race will there be any kind of self protection like safety lines or crash mats, but there shall be first-aid helpers.

The teams can be either male, female or mixed.
The teams average will be taken from the first 3 competitors.
For the team to be entered in the race there must be at least 3 competitors, other than that there isn’t any limit of competitors in that team.
When you take part in a team you automatically qualify  yourself to the individual competition.
Confirm the team by mail to
Price for a team: 150 kr. 
To order a delicious salad buffet for race day at a cost of 65kr. send a mail to:
Place of race
Jungle Evolution Race:
Yachtklubben Furesøen
Dronninggaards Alle 124B
2840 Holte
The competitor will start from the registration time, meaning the quicker you register yourself the quicker you enter the race.
Registration start from 09.00 - 10.00, and at 10.00 o’clock the opportunity for registration will end. 
The rules will be explained at 10.00 o’clock, after that the first competitor will start at 10.30.

After registration
If all 150 places are not taken, there will be possibility for registration on race day!
The price for registration on race day is 400kr. (only cash and correct amount)..

The price for the race is 300kr. per person till 1/5, there after the price raises to 350kr. On race day the price for registration will be 400 kr., and only if there are still places left (max. 150 competitors).

1: Monkey swing
8 hanging rings shall be completed. If a competitor falls from the rings you must start the discipline again to be approved.
A strong firm grip is the key to this discipline, and you only have 3 attempts to complete this discipline otherwise you will receive a time punishment before carrying on to the next phase of the race.
2: Telephone pole climb

The grip will be challenging, due to the pole being round and slippy. The discipline shall be completed by the use of only your hands. For the women the distance between each peg will be closer than the men’s. Help via the use of feet will add a 15 minutes time punishment.
3: Vertical ropes climb
In this discipline you must climb a vertical, thick rope up and down, twice for men and once for women. For this exercise it’s needed to have good strength, weight advantage, climbing technic and nerves of steel. The rope is approximately 5 meters in length. 
To prepare for this exercise I would recommend pull-ups using a hand towel or a rope that is hanging over a pole to simulate the affect of climbing a rope. 
Many fail this exercise because they miss the strength of the grip in the hands and they only focus on their strength in their arms.
Don Perry set the world’s record in the rope climb without the use of his legs in 1954. The record stands at 2.8 secs with climbing a 20 foot (6.1 meter) rope in a sitting position. Martin Masár had in 1997 climbed an 8 meter in 5.58 secs, which is a world record.
In the race it’s accepted to use legs.

4: Horizontal rope climb
In this exercise you will be climbing a 12 meter long rope which isn’t completely taut. It will therefor swing a bit, which will only make it even more entertaining. Use of the feet will result in a 15 minute time punishment.
5: Stone lift
This is one of the most classic strong mans discipline and this discipline strength is as important as a good lifting technic. In this discipline you will be lifting a stone on top of a oil drum and back down again.
The stones weight will be 90 kg for the men and 45 kg for the women.
This can be easily trained in the forest or even in your own garden. Find a couple of good different weighted stones that you can judge your strength and technic. I would recommend in your training sessions you train deadlift, squat, and grip technics.
In the Danish strong mans competition they lift an Altas stone weighing 180kg.
6: Farmerwalk
This discipline is simply lift and carry two filled jerry cans.
The key to this is a good hand grip, strong legs and back.
It’s your choice if you are wanting to carry both the cans or one can at a time, and its aloud to take breaks during this exercise.
You shall carry both the cans of a total distance of 80 meters.
The weights of the jerry cans are approx. 32kg for the men and 20kg for the women.
7: Tire pull
In this discipline your legs will receive a fully guarantee work out.
Your legs will burn and your pulse will for sure go sky high. In this discipline it is an advantage for the big athletic type of person.
You shall be pulling an approx. 75kg heavy tire approx. 80 meters in a gravel area. The technic will be in a pulling back action.
8: Balance boom
After several heavy lifts, arm burning pulls and a high heart rate run in the hard terrain shall be your test for your balance skills. I would suggest for you to train closing your eyes and standing on one leg. If your balance isn’t that good you may just end up in the cold water. You may attempt this only 5 times, after that it’s a 15 mins time penalty.
9: Grenade throw
A petanque ball will be used to test your throwing technic under a physical and mental stress. 
An empty barrel will be placed approx. 8 meters from the thrower. When you throw the ball into the barrel the exercise is completed. It is accepted to use as many balls as needed - but only one at a time. It’s your responsibility to collect the balls. 
Your shall throw over head technic.
In the sporting world you will find many excellent precise throwers; e.g. baseball pitchers, basketball players and dart players.
10: Log race
A approx. 750 meters distance shall be completed as quickly with the log. It’s your choice to run, walk or crawl, but remember the time is clicking away and the title of being the all-around athlete doesn’t wait.  In this discipline you will shed blood, sweat and tears.
To practice this exercise is simple, grab a log and run your heart out.
The log will be approx. 30kg for the men and 22kg for the women.
In 1993 Paddy Doyle ran 1 mile (1.6 km) with an 18.1kg heavy rucksack in 5 minutes and 35 secs.

11. Cold water swim
In this discipline for sure involves cold water so for most of the competitors this will be their biggest challenge and not the modest distance to swim
You shall swim 200 meters. There are swimming vest available.
Discovery Channel has followed the Dane Stig Severinsen in the ”The Ultimate Superhuman” episode. In 2014 he broke all records with swimming a distance that no other human has achieved, with only a wet suite, mono divers fin and under 1 million tons of ice.
Combine this record with the world record of 200 meters free swim that stands at 1:41,10 min (Ian Torpe), so it was a great example that what you can achieve.
11: KB slope run
A 32kg KB (kettle bell) shall be carried up a slope. For the women it will be with a 20kg KB. It’s your choice how you carry the KB. It will be and advantage to carry a KB on your shoulder before race day.
12 + 13 + 14 + 15: Surprise

See video from the race in top of the front page. There has come new disciplines since the video. 

It's not always fun to get fit. But being fit is fun!

See you on race day,
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